about amanda

ok . . . although this meeting is about you, briefly this is me . . .

Born in the UK, travelled all over the world, lived in South Africa and have for many years lived in Australia.

20+ years in the corporate environment covering sales, people management and many roles in between. Aha you say that is why the emphasis is on the corporate experience and understanding what this looks like once you are in it and the race that is run here.

I graduated from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) to become a psychotherapist/counsellor and am registered with the  the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Professional Counselling Association of ACT & NSW (PCA).

I’ve worked with groups moving through anxiety, with late teens/students (and their parents), with corporate struggles, Employee Assistance programme issues that affect employees in the workplace, and worked the nightshift at Lifeline.

As such I don’t claim to have the answers, none of us do, however I do bring an understanding of how I felt in those situations from an empathic perspective and I work with you through those quantum leaps in life.

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