What is love to you this season?

Love is kind and love is able

Love holds the pen when your hand is less stable


Love is not cruel, and love is defined

Love is the person in your heart and your mind

Love does not mock and

Love does not lie, love is the reason the feeling, the why

Love holds the tears it doesn’t create them, it cares, and it nurtures

And respects the emotion


Love is this Christmas, this Easter this season

Love is the joy that makes you feel even,

Love is supporting, a reason to be,

Love is the person you want you to be.

Amanda Mitchell 2018

So, what is love to you this Christmas?  Do some of the things above ring true for you? Do they make you think of other things that are your love?  Do they make you think, yes that sounds good to me and that’s the sort of love I deserve?   Maybe they make you think I’ll keep looking as that’s not the love I’m seeing at this time.

*George Michael in his Wham days