Someone asked me recently about my bucket list and it made me think about places I’d been to  and being appreciative of just that, having the opportunity to have gone and seen and enjoyed these places.

So, what was on my list I thought, Vietnam maybe however it was the lightbulb moments in the past, the surprises that were the real holiday for me.  What do I mean by surprises?  Well things like having lunch with a random bunch of fellow Australian travellers at the top of the Eiffel tower, finding a walled city that blows your mind.    Now certainly I put in play the circumstances to make the event happen, however it was the synchronicity of finding like minded people that brought the real joy.  Someone else asked me, “what did you think of Rome?”, and I enjoyed Rome and it is amazing – my answer, “I prefer Paris” and so did they.  It wasn’t an answer to their question, however we both knew and related to what worked for us.  So maybe it’s the mental holiday of finding the people who share a similar perspective that for some of us becomes the holiday and fills the bucket list.