Ageism, does this affect you – yet?  Do think it will or have you managed to bypass this?  And this may make you question, “what do we know that we don’t share?” for example, our experiences, our history, the value we made or offered at a certain time or place, do we share this or not dare?

Do we discount the value of an elder believing them too old and negating their experience, their insight as no longer regarded or relevant?

I met someone recently he is 77 years (young or old?) and he spoke of being a soldier – more to the point he spoke of how his team and the group he worked with on many war campaigns were able to return to civilian life whereas what he is hearing now, is that so many are committing suicide on their return.  We discussed how his views may be of value to our groups, our communities wherever they may be, and sadly he did not see that he would be welcome to share his experiences or that his life stories and examples would be taken as of value.

Which “ism” (sex ism, age ism, colour, gender ism for example) do we maintain in our hearts and minds and what generalisations and prejudice do we make so because we’ve believed them for so long?

Diversity is the stuff of life, the mix and blending we take for granted to bring us the change the alternatives and the other perspective we may not have considered.  Why then take this very diversity whether it be colour, sex, age, experience and toss the value out?

Have a listen to Ashton, she says it so very well and maybe it will go some way to pointing out we do it, we all do it,  this generalization; however regardless of the stand we take, the finger we point is also pointing back at us all it’s just a matter of time.