What would we say to that younger version of our self and would we change so very much of life in hindsight?

That man, woman (other, depending on what you’re into) I rather like the being in the movie “Shape of Water” myself however that’s another story. Ok so that person that meant so much to you at age 18, 28, 38 etc. what would you tell yourself now about them or about your feelings for them?  Can you even remember their name?

And that job – you know the one you just had to have, was that all you hoped it would be and did they live up to your expectations?  How did that leave you feeling about the company, the view or ideas you took there and so what would you tell that younger you taking that job?

If life can be reviewed after the fact but lived in the present its interesting to look back (a bit like photos) and wonder what on earth was I thinking; or perhaps you followed a path and there was no introspection but a very well set out path of progress.  If the latter is you, how does that now make you feel?  Do others who did not follow along a path seem so very strange?

All those books on not sweating the small stuff – well have to say that’s the day to day of our lives (I think that’s Facebook’s purpose)  – not too many of us are Stephen Hawking and so yes, we may be very aware that we sweat the small stuff however that is the minutia of our lives.  That’s what we do.    If that’s the case then, what would we tell a younger version?  Eat the cake, go out with that person – stay out til late, take that risk – or something else?