“I’ve lived as a man & a woman — here’s what I learned | Paula Stone Williams | TEDxMileHigh”

Wow what a brave and courageous perspective and a reminder of how we see others.  Walking in another’s shoes is such a line I know I drop in conversation easily however compared to this view it shows just how far away I/we/us may be from understanding or even being in a mind space to acknowledge we have no understanding.

If you get a chance listen to the end of this see how someone who is 93 year old was able to honour another.  I hope I have the same humanity.

and whilst on the subject of awareness ……

Looking from the inside out – recently in Sydney Vinnies were raising funds to help the homeless.   Business leaders slept out in an effort to raise awareness, raise funds and it makes me think, what else are we not aware of that is right in front of us as a community, as a country as people?