Boundaries, the  “yes” and “no”

I remember many years ago saying in shock “these people do not have my best interests at heart!” and it was such a shock for me.  I thought the very people I was talking about would have been my back stop and my support, they weren’t, and I was surprised.  It was proven to me across a period of time and experiences as not just a one off event and yet I had refused to see the writing on the wall.

On another occasion and years later, friends and family said to me “that person is toxic and you need to stay away from them” and again I did not want to believe them, until I did and said ok enough.

So what makes us take stock and listen to that voice inside or even to those external to us who can see what we can’t?  When do we finally bite the bullet and build a defence for our own protection?

An interesting site below advises we review our relationships and those we keep around us, to make sure they are the ones that have our back:

Also a great Ted talk (below) by Sarri Gilman on the value of boundaries and tools to use as a reminder of how they work and help us take care of ourselves from stress.

So, what do you say “yes or no” to?