A few years back, there I was wandering around in Paris in the pouring rain, lost and with only a paper map and my very rudimentary French to help me.  It was the end of a long day; I had flown in that morning and then had walked all over Paris (probably in circles).  I was tired, jet lagged and very wet – drowned rat wet really, the rain marks came up to my knees on my jeans wet.

The cabs were not stopping due to being full as it was raining.  I remember thinking, “I could cry” and something inside me said “that’s a bit daft, that won’t help”.  I shrugged and realised I was jet lagged not going crazy and that I would find my way back.   As such I got back to finding someone who could understand my horrible French and got directions.  I was so proud of myself when the hotel came into view.  There I thought, you can do this.

It was not a giant step for mankind, I was just a lost person finding their way in a strange place and a strange language. For me though it was the first foray into realising I was doing this on my own – and “yes” I could do this.

What do we need from ourselves to recognise that we are enough and that even in unusual circumstances we can come though (and maybe with unexpected help such as the kebab stall somewhere in the Marais, Paris!)

…and what blog of mine would be complete without a Ted talk – I just love these and this one is so worth listening all the way through – enjoy:

“The courage to trust yourself…listen to the nudges | Jo Simpson | TEDx University of Edinburgh”