When is it the time right and for what?

Perhaps this applies to every stage of our lives for example, is this the right time to change jobs, or to get married or to get into a relationship, or to go travelling; perhaps start that new study or whatever the thought is that meanders through our minds taking the lion’s share of our thoughts.

When do we give ourselves the freedom/s to have what we want in our lives if we even know what that is and are the people who recognise or know what they want the happiest even if they can’t achieve it, yet?

Certainly, there may have been a direction and indeed there may be a plan we are working towards at this time however, how often do we revisit the plan and make sure it is still valid for us at this time in our lives.  Maybe our world vision has changed or is in a state of flux and therefore playing havoc with our perceived happiness.

Perhaps a question could be, when do we allow ourselves the opportunity to make the changes we would like to see and to become who we want to be?

In her brilliant book The Choice by Dr Edith Eger she asks her clients, “What do you want” and questions if this is for ourselves or something we think we want for someone else.  Furthermore, if we continue to live by another’s view of what we should do with our lives do we run the risk of living with the “regret of our unlived dream”.

Dr Eger states that “Anything we practice, we become better at.”  By this Dr Eger mentions things like fear, anger etc. Rings true don’t you think?

Lastly Dr Eger tells us “Change is about noticing what’s no longer working and stepping out of the familiar, imprisoning patterns”.   How often do we recognise something is not working for us and yet remain in the self-imposed struggle as it may feel safe in its recognition and status quo rather than accepting the danger and risk of moving on?

If you have the chance, do yourself a favour and read The Choice by Dr Edith Eger, it is too good to miss.