The next generation of leaders?  Where are they?  Who can teach them?

Where do we look to find management, leadership and survival skills and are there existing pockets of such leaders not utilised or recognised?

In a world where product and indeed human collateral has an obsolescence, have we lost understanding and recognition that the very direction and training may be at hand?  Whilst the so called “soft skills” may be in place, where do the leaders of today and tomorrow go to learn how to manage stress related situations for their staff and particularly for themselves?  The gift of mentoring and experience can support employees to be within the company and look global.

Training may take us so far; taking on board the expanded view and real-time life experiences of veterans can support those who need to learn and recognise skills and experience of those who have gone before.

“I am amazed at their speed of development. There is so much untapped potential among the Fellows, and they are discovering that more and more as they work together.””

“…. and even how to relax when we are feeling stressed out.”

and thank you to Forbes for the inspiration:

Who better to traverse management of high stress situations and offer coping skills than people who have been in life and death situations; is it time to look to our wider community and perhaps bring veterans for all walks of life to the table?  Veterans of the forces, veterans of business, veterans of law enforcement, ambulance, police etc.

Dare I suggest using the very skills our elders (and this can be elders of varying ages) offer from a spectrum of our communities to teach not in group specific or company/university isolation but in mainstream working environments to harness the power such dynamic and collective experience offer.