Many years ago (before I came to Australia) someone spoke disparaging to me of the place (“the toilet of the world”) I think he said and being the Sagittarian I am I blurted out something like “water finds its own level.” Since then I apologise from my boots up to that person at the backhanded reply  offered was not then nor ever intended as a cruel reply nor a rude one, just on my part an ignorant and non-thought through comment.  How many have suffered a comment or ignorance from as far back as childhood that as Matt Goldman mentions in his Ted talk where decisions are made on our behalf or at an age or stage when no such choices on our behalf have any place to be made?

Welcome then to January and the start a new school year and the press as well as our schools will be filled with tales of first timers heading off in that new uniform, with a backpack that is almost as big as they are.  Let’s hope as Matt mentions “We need to cultivate safe and conducive conditions for new and innovative ideas to evolve and thrive,”*

Matt Goldman co-founder Blue Man Group