Ignorance is bliss?

“I’ve lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned | Paula Stone Williams | TEDxMileHigh” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrYx7HaUlMY Wow what a brave and courageous perspective and a reminder of how we see others.  Walking in another’s shoes is such a line I know I drop in conversation easily however compared to this view [...]

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Self care and boundaries

Boundaries, the  “yes” and “no” I remember many years ago saying in shock “these people do not have my best interests at heart!” and it was such a shock for me.  I thought the very people I was talking about would have been my back stop and my support, they weren’t, and I was surprised.  [...]

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The right time?

 When is it the time right and for what? Perhaps this applies to every stage of our lives for example, is this the right time to change jobs, or to get married or to get into a relationship, or to go travelling; perhaps start that new study or whatever the thought is that meanders through [...]

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Addiction, what we think we know

In this Ted Talk, Johann talks about the need for connection and bonding within our societies and the potential to go off rail without it. He uses a great phrase of “not being present in our own lives” and putting up barriers with the result that as the size of homes and floor space get [...]

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Diversity by any other name?

Ageism, does this affect you – yet?  Do think it will or have you managed to bypass this?  And this may make you question, “what do we know that we don’t share?” for example, our experiences, our history, the value we made or offered at a certain time or place, do we share this or [...]

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Thoughts to our younger selves ….

What would we say to that younger version of our self and would we change so very much of life in hindsight? That man, woman (other, depending on what you’re into) I rather like the being in the movie “Shape of Water” myself however that’s another story. Ok so that person that meant so much [...]

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Paths and Choices

Finding Your Path A Guide to Life and Happiness After School Amba Brown This book title came to me from a magazine, I mention this as I read and love the fact that libraries exist however I understand that is not the route for everyone.  This made me think, isn’t it interesting where we receive [...]

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Outcomes and beginnings

Ted talk : Interesting, (aren’t they all?) and  worth sharing about the unique insights generated from studies on children and happiness/life outcomes in the UK from way back.   Surprising to hear how long this has been going on (this study that is) and when it started.  Also, good to hear that parents really make a [...]

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Bucket List …..

Someone asked me recently about my bucket list and it made me think about places I’d been to  and being appreciative of just that, having the opportunity to have gone and seen and enjoyed these places. So, what was on my list I thought, Vietnam maybe however it was the lightbulb moments in the past, [...]

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The news this morning mentioned a man in the USA who a) won the lottery and then b) died within 28 days due to a health issue. Let’s hope he had a great life, let’s hope winning the lottery was just a high five in the grand scale of his life.  Perhaps his family will [...]

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