Where can you find this and is it something we acquire, learn or are born with?   A good read by Doug Avery, it’s for men, for women and for those we love, on life, and not just how this applies to a NZ farmer and life on the land.  Doug takes us on a very [...]

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“Last Christmas I gave you my heart …” *

What is love to you this season? Love is kind and love is able Love holds the pen when your hand is less stable   Love is not cruel, and love is defined Love is the person in your heart and your mind Love does not mock and Love does not lie, love is the [...]

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What did I just learn here

I recently read an article that said when life is tough, we should ask ourselves what we are learning from the experience. Well maybe we need to ask this of other encounters and not just the tough ones.  Recently I bumped into some people I haven’t seen in a very long time – people I’ve [...]

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Fake it until you make it

I’m sure we’ve all heard this advice along the way to keep us going in what may be a challenging scenario.  However, what if a change of body language could change our mind set????? A great Ted talk that asks us to consider a few quick body stances to help us feel empowered, enjoy.

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Selection – sometimes not so easy

Recently looking at a Netflix program called “Stay here” with eight I think short renovations (and insight) into making a property into a business for short term rental /holiday accommodation.  This made me question where we may find such advice to make our lives somewhere (short term or long term) that we want to live [...]

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A different view

I think those reading this blog will appreciate that I enjoy ted Talks, some interesting books too and certainly Ted Talks. So this time here is a timeline of change and a walk through a life that is very different to ours – a male Indian movie star, who discusses change he has seen, ideas [...]

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Ignorance is bliss?

“I’ve lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned | Paula Stone Williams | TEDxMileHigh” Wow what a brave and courageous perspective and a reminder of how we see others.  Walking in another’s shoes is such a line I know I drop in conversation easily however compared to this view [...]

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Self care and boundaries

Boundaries, the  “yes” and “no” I remember many years ago saying in shock “these people do not have my best interests at heart!” and it was such a shock for me.  I thought the very people I was talking about would have been my back stop and my support, they weren’t, and I was surprised.  [...]

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The right time?

 When is it the time right and for what? Perhaps this applies to every stage of our lives for example, is this the right time to change jobs, or to get married or to get into a relationship, or to go travelling; perhaps start that new study or whatever the thought is that meanders through [...]

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Addiction, what we think we know

In this Ted Talk, Johann talks about the need for connection and bonding within our societies and the potential to go off rail without it. He uses a great phrase of “not being present in our own lives” and putting up barriers with the result that as the size of homes and floor space get [...]

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