Bucket List …..

Someone asked me recently about my bucket list and it made me think about places I’d been to  and being appreciative of just that, having the opportunity to have gone and seen and enjoyed these places. So, what was on my list I thought, Vietnam maybe however it was the lightbulb moments in the past, [...]

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The news this morning mentioned a man in the USA who a) won the lottery and then b) died within 28 days due to a health issue. Let’s hope he had a great life, let’s hope winning the lottery was just a high five in the grand scale of his life.  Perhaps his family will [...]

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Who’s Making the Comment?

Many years ago (before I came to Australia) someone spoke disparaging to me of the place (“the toilet of the world”) I think he said and being the Sagittarian I am I blurted out something like “water finds its own level.” Since then I apologise from my boots up to that person at the backhanded [...]

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“Ch ch ch changes …..”

thanks David Bowie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbnJo88kuP8 Finding a new voice when our world changes; and it does change even when we don’t expect it to.  The children that grow up, the Uni results that point one way or another, the job, the health the insert name here choices that come our way and those we didn’t expect. [...]

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The next generation of leaders?  Where are they?  Who can teach them?

The next generation of leaders?  Where are they?  Who can teach them? Where do we look to find management, leadership and survival skills and are there existing pockets of such leaders not utilised or recognised? In a world where product and indeed human collateral has an obsolescence, have we lost understanding and recognition that the [...]

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Kindness? According to the article below, how a message is delivered, a tough one or otherwise, suggests the message can be delivered with kindness regardless of the outcome or the intent of the message – what do you think? If you think of any message you are giving today say to a colleague, a loved [...]

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Goal setting for 2018 Looking to this new year and thinking about the goals we set up.  Where does the inspiration come from, meditating, freeing up our vision by sitting on the beach, written in sand? How often do we set the financial goals and forget about the emotional side, the study side?  Where do [...]

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Emergency Numbers, practical advice

Emergency numbers and discussion: This is an amazing site (below) and not just for small communities; let’s face it most of us are part of a very small community even when in a larger environment like a city.  There is some great advice here, very practical and probably the sort of list every home should [...]

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Waiting, waiting, waiting?

Thank you Dr Seuss, who knew there was such wisdom there.  What a question or a realisation that many of us are waiting, waiting – for what?   An excerpt from: “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” “…… The Waiting Place… For people just waiting. Waiting for a train to go Or a bus to come, or [...]

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The Value of Time

To realise the value of one year – ask a student who has failed an exam. To realise the value of nine months – ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn. To realise the value of one month – ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby. To realise the [...]

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